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No need for benchmarking? Arrogance or ignorance?

Why learning from other peoples mistakes and measuring performance is a beneficial activity. There are those that would suggest that benchmarking is a total waste of time, a statement that could be supported if benchmarking were carried out in isolation. So why do people believe that there is no place for benchmarking. There is an

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Hotel Chocolat use customer insight.

Great use of customer insight to represent a caring brand. I had a problem with an order from Hotel Chocolat just before Christmas. The parcel had been opened and there were some items missing. I called and the problem was resolved with a replacement order. So I was pleasantly surprised to receive the following email today.

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New year – New you, but how?

At this time of year we are encouraged to make changes to our lives. Whether it is improving diet, getting fitter or planning holidays there is a real focus on making changes to our lifestyle and wellbeing. We are encouraged to take stock of where we are and make decisive changes for the better. The

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