Mpathy Plus have undertaken hundreds of performance reviews to help our clients understand strengths and weaknesses of their operations. We look at all areas of customer service and provide clear recommendations for improvement.

To support these reviews, we have a suite of products that combine to provide a 360 degree view of contact centre performance. These tools can be used individually or collectively but the main benefit of either is that they provide a clear insight into the operations of a customer service function.
Please click on the links of the items below to find out more about the benefits that these tools provide.

Operational Standards

Identifying operational performance and capability; Benchmarking (part of Best Practice Performance Network) & Accreditation

Customer Experience

Understanding the customer perspective on service; Customer Experience Audit & Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Staff Attitude

Identifying how staff feel via a Staff Attitude Survey and Training Needs Analysis

Sharing Better Practice

Learning what others have done; Best Practice Performance Network, Workshops & networking events

Value for Money

Managing the cost of service, Efficiency Audits, Business Case Development and Cost Benefit analysis.

Continuous Improvement

Putting it all together, developing Performance Improvement Plans and ongoing Strategy