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Back To Basics For Performance Improvement

performance improvement

I came across this chart recently which reports on a Service Recovery Programme that we ran for a client that was really struggling to deliver serice. Reflecting on this project highlighted a couple of really interesting things to take away.

  • Sometimes we need to go back to basics. The issue here was that service was not meeting the required standards; customers were complaining. The recovery phase was all about operational management.
  • There was a desire to resolve the issue by investing in more people or new technologies. We analysed the data and found that the resource models were incorrect and that adherence was also poor. Making these changes and involving the whole team resulted in a very quick turnaround with no additional expense.
  • Hygiene metrics are important. We often hear about how important the customer experience is but a big part of that experience is the ease of being able to contact an organisation. You can have the best technology in the world using bots, AI and self service but they need to be delivered appropriately. For customers who need that human contact, the speed in which customers can reach them is still important.
  • Start with the facts. The facts were quite simple; customer demand levels and times, resource requirements, outcomes. Once we identified these we were able to start the analysis and make changes. The changes were often minor, tweaks rather than changes but he made a real difference as can be seen in the charts.
  • Separate Strategy from Operations. Once the Recovery phase was underway it was possible to start developing the strategic direction for the future. Separating these two elements was very important as it enabled us to gain a real knowledge before making any strategic changes. It meant that we understood what was required in detail and also identified the gaps that we had in knowledge and information. Too often we see strategies developed without the basic understanding of the organisation’s vision and objectives or the insight required to make sustainable changes that deliver improvements for all stakeholders.

With the above case we developed a Contact Centre strategy that was supported by and involved the whole organisation with a much greater appreciation of the role of the Contact Centre in supporting the organisation and its customers.

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