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Can self service be designed to benefit the customer?

According to the recent 2018 NICE inContact Customer Experience Transformation Benchmark, 32% of all interactions in the UK are completed using a self service channel with 68% requiring Agent assistance.

When considering the high volume of self service transactions involved in Banking and Retail e.g. Amazon, 32% is a surprisingly low figure. Although stating that 68% still required Agent assistance, the report did not elaborate on why this is the case. There are a number of reasons including:

  • Customers do not wish to use self service
  • Customers are unable to use self service
  • Self service does not have the functionality of capability that customers need
  • Self service is not as efficient or effective as other channels.

This raises a number of questions about the reasons for self service being provided and who is benefiting from it, the customer or the company?

Research has shown for a long time the positive impact of excellent service on profitability. Customers will remain loyal to those who provide an excellent service with cost not always being the main deciding factor. So it is important that all channels deliver the brand values and quality expected.

This makes the list above more thought provoking. It is important that if a self service option is provided that it works for the customer and the organisation.

Self service is one of a number of customer channels that Mpathy Plus can assess the performance of by using evalue8, a review tool that considers performance across the following aspects:

  • How effective is that channel
  • How efficient is that channel
  • How much empathy is shown with that channel
  • What is the experience for customers and Agents when using that channel
  • How empowered do customers and Agents feel when using that channel
  • How enabled and integrated is that channel

The findings are presented in a highly visible dashboard with supplementary reporting of findings and recommendations for each channel together with an overall perspective.

An evalue8 assessment will highlight which channels are performing well and those that need further attention.

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