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Supporting Customer Service Managers – Support Plus


Support Plus for Managers
Support Plus for Managers

The ongoing pressure to manage a remote workforce and continue to deliver service to customers has been a real challenge. Having the responsibility to mobilise a virtual operation was initially challenging but fuelled by adrenaline to meet that challenge. There have been some excellent achievements but as time has moved on, so to has the pressure to keep delivering. Competence is not in question but Managers and Leader need individual support through these most difficult of times.

Mpathy Plus has recognised this problem and the isolated position that many Managers find themselves in. We are providing a series of one to one support sessions with Managers where they can discuss the issues they face in confidence, with experts that can advise, support and encourage them. To find out more about how we can support Managers through these unique circumstances, click here to be redirected to the relvant page.

This service is offered to Contact Centre Managers, Call Centre Managers, Customer Service Managers and leaders in all areas that service customers.