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How to calculate absenteeism

Call Centre Helper recently published an article about how to calculate and manage absenteeism in your contact which included observations, tips and advice from Martin

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Can A&E Learn From Contact Centres

Can the NHS learn from Contact Centres?

We review the similarities between recent reporting of A&E performance and the aged methods of measuring Contact Centre performance. We examine the need for balanced scorecards that report outcomes in addition to response times and conclude that the customer experience is also about the quality of service.

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Introducing new channels for customers

Martin Jukes from Mpathy Plus discusses some of the considerations when introducing alternative customer contact channels in transforming service. This includes channels such as livechat, self service, video in addition to more traditional telephone and email.

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How to Boost Agent Productivity and Contact Centre Efficiency

The following Call Centre Helper webinar features Martin Jukes from Mpathy Plus talking about how to improve agent productivity and contact centre efficiency. The discussion focuses on measuring productivity and efficiency and ways to improve them including enhancing the customer experience.

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