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Performance Improvement

In order to improve there is a need for insight into the current position. Mpathy Plus has extensive experience in reviewing performance and developing this insight with clear recommendations for improvement.

We look at all areas of customer service across all types of organisations. 

Our services can focus on specific areas such as operational efficiency or the customer experience or we can provide a general overview but all with the specific aim of providing an independent insight that enables an improved output.The following are an example of some of the areas that we deliver in but we are continually being asked to work in new and exciting areas. You can download further information here.

Operational Reviews

Our Contact Centre Review provides an independant insight into your operation and its performance. A comprehensive report provides our assessment together with a set of recommendations for improvement.

Customer Experience

A Customer Experience Audit delivers in depth analysis of how it feels to be a customer. This tool is an essential starting point when preparing to improve the customer experience and is available for all channels.

Commercial Assessments

Mpathy Plus are experienced in developing, managing and assessing commercial arrangements. We examine the cost of service, develop business cases, assess commercial relationships and provide value for money assessments.

People Sentiment

People are still the differentiator in customer service. Whilst some of the journey can be automated it is people who we turn to when things are complex, we dont understand or we need bespoke care. We find out how your people feel and analyse the User experience.

Channel Analysis

Utilising evalue8 to examine and compare contact channels across a range of criteria examining effectiveness, experience and utilisation. Take a closer look at evalue8 here.

Sustainable Improvement

We use the tools and services described at various times but the world is continually changing. To deliver sustainable improvement requires continual assessment. We support clients with bespoke programmes that continually assess and advise on changes in the industry.