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Welcome to evalue8

What is evalue8?

evalue8® provides an independent assessment and evaluation of the performance of an organisations customer contact channels.

evalue8 dashboard

An evalue8 assessment report;

  • Presents a dashboard illustrating each contact channels performance against set criteria
  • Identifies strength and weakness for each channel
  • Informs decision making for future strategies and investments
  • Enables improvement by highlighting key recommendations
  • Illustrates which channels are productive for you and your customers
  • Highlights trends in channel utilisation
  • Provides a concise assessment of your current performance from industry experts

evalue8 assesses performance across a range of subject areas as listed below. It does this for each channel  and reports for each individual channel and collectively through an informative dashboard.

  • Efficiency – how efficient is the channel?
  • Effectiveness – how effective is the channel?
  • Empowerment – how empowered do customers and advisors feel when using this channel?
  • Experience – what is the overall experience when using the channel?
  • Enablement – how enabled and integrated is this channel?
  • Empathy – how much empathy is apparent when using this channel?


You can click here to download a more detailed description of each criteria.

Channel volume and trends

evalue8 also reports on the volume of contacts through each channel for the previous reporting period and represents these as a percentage of the total. There is a trend indicator that highlights the movement compared with a previous assessment.

This trend analysis  highlights customer preferences when making contact which supports future decision making and strategy development. It can also be used to analyse the outcome of channel shift campaigns or the introduction of new channels for customer contact.

Customer satisfaction levels

Finally there is the opportunity to insert customer satisfaction scores for each channel if this is available.

evalue8 does not measure customer satisfaction directly but this service could be provided as an additional service if required.

The evalue8 methodology comprises the assessment of a sample of live transactions supported by consultation, data analsysis and observation.  This is completed for each channel and then compares the relative performance against essential criteria. The assessment criteria has been developed from the extensive experience of reviewing customer service performance combined with the academic research supporting our Customer Experience Audit. evalue8 uses live transactions where possible but can also work with historical recordings and transcripts.

The output is a concise report that advises on the relative strengths and weaknesses of each channel. The summary is a dashboard that clearly illustrates the performance of each channel with a comparison across all channels. This provides a clear indication of where to focus future attention.

An example of the dashboard is shown here:

Following the summary is a section for each category that lists the Findings and itemises the source of the information leading to the findings. There is a comments section for each channel.

Finally there is a set of recommendations arising from the evaluation.

It is recommended that for the first survey, a presentation and workshop is arranged to review the report and develop a future strategy or improvement plan. This is optional and priced separately.

Improvements may be at a strategic or operational level and may revolve around branding, technology, people or process.

This will depend upon the number of channels assessed and the level of detail available. We complete an initial planning session and spend time on site developing an understanding of the business prior to completing the assessment and recommendations. We will then complete the assessments and report back typically within a 1 week period. We recognise the need to provide feedback as quickly as possible


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