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Feedback from a satisfied client

I would like to thank you for coming back to Progress Housing Group for a mini review of the work you carried out with us in our customer contact department.  As I mentioned to you, as someone who was relatively new to the organisation 18 months ago I was initially extremely reluctant to have a consultant come in (I saw this as perhaps a poor reflection on my own abilities).

The work that you carried out has been invaluable in helping to shape the service we now provide (and pointing us in the right direction) – I think irrespective of how experienced you are sometimes you can get bogged down in the operational work that you can’t ‘see the wood for the trees’.  It’s been really beneficial to touch base with you again and look over our progress to date and our areas of focus – a sense check if you will.

Thanks again for your help and encouragement and I certainly look forward to working again with you in the future.

Stephen Spencer

Head of Customer Service