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What is Digital Transformation?

  What is it we are really trying to do?     Introduction There is a plethora of confusion around Digital Transformation.¬†Looking at the amount of content and information posted in e-mails, newsletters and social media, it is striking how many people and organisations are talking about digital transformation. Surprisingly it seems to be a

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Help, I’m offline

Martin Jukes discusses some of the issues faced by organisations that only deliver services online.

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Empathy should be integral in digital transformation

I have just been reading an interesting article about how empathy will fuel the Digital Transformation. I found it a really interesting article and one that I fully support. A number of people that I talk to believe that digital transformation is the way forward but do not fully understand the need for the human

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Treating patients like people

I recently accompanied a family member to their radiotherapy appointment at the new Oncology Centre at Worcester Royal Hospital. Entering through large glass doors (offset to reduce cold), we went through the waiting area to a friendly Reception desk where they check patients in with the minimum of fuss and even offer them a bottle

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