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Mpathy Plus work in customer service and contact centre environments.

Our independent expertise transforms services, improves performance and supports clients operations.

Covid-19 Update

Like all organisations we have been impacted by Covid-19 but we are still here and supporting our clients through this extremely challenging time.

We have had to change the way that we operate and conduct  our business but have successfully completed projects utilising video technologies for meetings, presentations and information sharing. 

We believe that the time is right to start looking forward and make the changes required to support your people and customers.

Please contact us to discuss how we could transform your service, improve your performance or support your operations so that you are enabled for the future.

What we do


Transform Service

We work with clients to transform the service delivered to customers and their people. We develop strategies, implement change and design new approaches to customer service delivery and customer experience.

Improve Performance

Our experience and insight enables improvement in operational performance, customer experience, cost and business outcomes. We review and utilise experience, insight and industry knowledge to develop real benefit.

Support Operations

We support contact centres and operations with the right level of support when it is most needed. Our services include Resource Planning Training, Mentoring, Interim Management and Critical Friend services.

Our Focus


Our focus is in four key areas;

Customer: our prime focus is the impact on the customer experience. We ensure that the customer perspective is integral to all of our work whether it be implementing new services, developing new processes or developing an improvement strategy.

Strategy: our experience at a strategic level ensures that we deliver creativity but linking to the overall business objectives. Our approach is to start with the strategic objectives but we are also able to manage the implementation of our strategies to ensure maximum outcomes.

Operations: We are operational experts and have the experience of working in Call Centre and Contact Centres for over 25 years. We know how people, process, technology and workplace all require operational management and we understand the key disciplines and operational processes required to deliver success.

Service: customer service is the interface between the customer and the organisation they are engaging with. We assess the service provided and ensure that it is meeting all stakeholder expectations in an efficient manner.



Latest Features

The following are our latest features. You can find more information including Articles, Case Studies, Product Sheets and Videos on our Downloads and the Features & News page

How to write a call centre business plan

How to write a call centre business plan

In this Call Centre Helper article, Martin Jukes discusses considerations in How to Write a Call Centre Business Plan including the objectives, the factors involved in design and the importance of taking a business wide strategic approach to ensuring that the final service represents your brand and values.

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